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Hunting Tourism

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Arrangements and opportunities of hunting for foreigners in Viljandi Hunters Union (VJL)

According to the laws of Estonia a citizen of a foreign state may go hunting in our republic when he/she owns a hunting certificate and a permit to carry a weapon in their home country. On the basis of an application of an owner of a hunting area in Estonia and of a hunting certificate of the home country, a citizen of a foreign state will be issued Estonian hunting certificates/protocols.
A citizen of a foreign state may bring his/her weapon to the country on the basis of a permit issued by the Estonian Police Board, which will be applied for by an owner of a hunting area/a person inviting the hunting guest to Estonia. The hunting guest may bring in up to 100 cartridges together with a weapon.
State fees must be paid for both a hunting certificate and a permit to carry a weapon.
When contacting us, please formulate your clear wish about the hunting trip: which game do you intend to shoot, when, and what is the number of people coming and taking part in a hunt. Naturally we will help a new hunting guest to choose between hunting areas. After that we will send you a price list of services. A hunting certificate/protocol gives the right to import a trophy out of the country.
For the exportation of trophies of wolf and lynx, a special international declaration for exportation for a trophy/CITES permit is needed. The hunter also has to have a similar CITES importation permit in order to be able to import the trophy to his/her home country.
Typical package for 4 hunting days :
1st day : arrival, transfer to the hunting district, dinner in the hunting club.
2nd – 3th day : hunt with professional guide and local hunting club.
4th day : breakfast, transfer to the airport
The package includes:
  • Hunting licence to hunt in Estonia
  • Transportation during the hunt
  • Professional hunting guide
The package DOES NOT include:
  • Flight
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Return transportation airport-hunting district-airport
  • Trophies
  • Accommodation in a hunting club
Price : Upon request (price of packages varies depending on the number of hunters, length of stay, location and special requests of the customers)


  • The game shot has to be paid in cash before departing from the hunting district. Prices of trophies are based on the price list provided and include preparation.
  • Only rifles are allowed for big game hunt
Groups size : from 4 up to 12 people
Weapon and bullet import regulation :
•  To hunt in Estonia a hunter must bring his own weapon. By law it is not allowed to rent a weapon in Estonia .
•  For big hunt law allows to bring a maximum of 100 bullets for rifle
•  For birds hunt law allows to bring a maximum of 300 bullets for shotgun
Required documents for hunting in Estonia :
•  European Firearm passport
•  Hunting license
Required documents for bringing dogs in Estonia
•  European dog passport
•  Certification of vaccination against rabies (a copy of all documents must be sent to us in advance by fax or email)
Please note that for all EU citizens Passport is not required. It is enough to provide a valid Identity Document.


Tel: +3724349630
E-post: vjl@vjl.ee
Koduleht.  www.vjl.ee
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